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Why Science Skills Center?


You have plenty of places to go learn music, art and sports but no place to learn science.

For music, art and sports you also have after school practice sessions and summer and weekend camps but no such opportunities to learn science.

Even there are plenty of TV programs to teach you hands-on art and music but no such programs for hands-on science.

On the TV you can also learn how to cook different ethnic dishes, learn to become a gourmet chef, learn to plant and landscape a garden, remodel a house from the bottom up complete with interior decoration tips but no such opportunities to learn science.

That is why we have established the Science Skills Center so our children have equal opportunity to learn science and become scientists or enter into any of the multitudes of prestigious and well paying jobs and careers where not just knowing but actually doing science is the basic requirement.

Science Skills Center fills that gap. Come visit it and benefit from it. Here you can take up science as a hobby and progressively, while enjoying the hobby part of it, prepare for jobs and careers in science. Isn’t what the musicians and artists do while preparing for their big breaks! You can now do the same for you while becoming a scientist.

No more regrets that you dropped out of science because it was way above your head.

Here at the Science Skills Center you learn holistic, integrated science not mere bits and pieces of it as is the case at schools, colleges and universities. As a matter o fact it was this fragmented mode of teaching science that made you run away from it in the first place. Isn’t that so?

This won’t happen at the Science Skills Center.

Here we have brought science at par with music, art and sports which are taught systematically through well thought out and planned lessons requiring plenty of practice to learn and use the learned skills well.

Science Skills Center has done the same for Science. Here science is reduced to mere 150 simple concepts and skills which if you learn first, you breeze through science with joy to spare.

You will also learn that this form of learning and doing science is very calming reducing stress, anxiety, and even depression! This is because there is nothing more calming than being involved.

The Center is also ideal for our Senior Citizens who are told to “use it or loose it”. Also if any of the Seniors had also abandoned science because it made no sense to them, now is their chance to get back into it and come out of that “I am not good enough for science” feeling.

The Science Center is also the place to come with your children and grandchildren and work together on your project or on their science fair project.

Best way to get started though is to take a tour of the Center. For tour schedule, click here.