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Lab supplies & manuals


Nowadays what is hurting science education the most is the lack of availability and the high cost of lab supplies and materials pertinent to science teaching at the school, college, and the university level.

In order to fill this void, Science Skills Center prepares and makes available, at a much lower cost, generic, Guaranteed Classroom Quality™ lab supplies, kits, and materials relevant to a variety of lab experiments as well as school science fairs.

Many of these supplies are listed in our Mini-catalogue of Microbiology and Immunology Supplies which you an download by clicking here

A shopping cart is also provided and payments are accepted via Paypal or directly via visa or master Card.

Purchasing Departments of educational institutions can also obtain supplies by sending their official purchase orders via mail, fax or e-mail per details listed in our catalogue. Most of these supplies and manuals as well as individual science experiments and science projects are also available to the visitors at the Lab Shop at the Science Skills Center.