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Not for Scientists Only


Science is not for scientists only, it is for everyone, you included.

Science is the glue which connects all knowledge but by not knowing that and therefore not doing science, you have been missing out on its value to your intellectual growth and development whereby you could become a versatile, knowledgeable individual.

The main reason you have been staying away from science instead iof delving into it full force is because you found science much too difficult for you, even blaming yourself for not being cut out for science or for not having that much talaked about science aptitude, without realizing that it is not you but the way science is taught to you is what keeping you away from science.

. Well, all that can now change because of the pioneering work of the Science Skills Center devoted exclusively to the improvement of science education.

Science Skills Center is the only Center which has seriously looked into the problems and difficulties of science education and has come up with a cohesive, integrated, hands-on, lab based curriculum so far missing in all approaches designed, proposed or implemented in improving science education.

Science is a very absorbing subject provided you first learn its rules and tools that scientists use to do science but such rules and tools are no where to be found in the form of a comprehensible lesson plan with a beginning and an ending. Currently, they are so scattered that not even a seasoned scientist let alone a beginning student can make sense of them.

The fact is that while scientists have made a great many scientific discoveries, they have made no effort to systematize science so it could be taught systematically as a cohesive interlinked subject. All other subjects such as music, art, sports, history, philosophy, psychology and economics, just to a mention a few have done that but not science. That is why all of the above mentioned subjects have a logic about them and thereby easy to understand and learn but not science.

But why, you may ask, that science which is supposed to be the logical of all subjects has no logic to it as we teach it?

There are two reasons for it. One, scientists are too busy doing science, placing their emhasis on making discoveries with no time to put their house in order so new students could be trained with a versatile broader background as opposed to the narrow area of training limited to what their mentors are doing;

and two, science evolved helter-skelter, focusing on what was needed at the time or became the fashion or what became available by chanace and we are teaching it the same helter-skelter, disjointed way.

Few scientits but more so a few educators have, nonetheless, tried to put some order into science but they ended up dividing science even further into subjects, specialties and sub-specialties thereby making it even more fragmented and therefore more difficult to grasp it as a whole; as an interconnected fluid subject that science is. On your part, you are hard wired by Nature to want to learn and know this kind of interconnected sscience for which yu want to know the whole story of science from its beginning to now, not just bits and pieces of it spread over a long period of time but all of it in once place and also not without knowing the tools and instruments scientists use to do science.

Science Skills Center is the only Center where you can learn this kind of comprehensive science likes of which do not exist even in our schools, colleges and universities. Here, you can broaden your knowledge and unfold your true potential in a hurry.

For that to happen, we suggest you start by taking a tour of the Science Skills Center.

In order to set up the time and date of your tour, we suggest yu register by sending an E-mail to: We will then notify you of the time and date you can visit the center and take the tour.

At that time you will also be able to learn about all the other edcational programs, courses and workshops the center offers.

Group tours and field trips for the classes are also available. Send E-mail for details.