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Our educational philosophy

Our system of teaching


We believe that when students sign up for learning they hope to learn and know all of our
accumulated knowledge from its beginning to now otherwise they feel unsure of
themselves which stifles their chances of further learning.

Consequently, we start you from the beginning and gradually bring you into today
preparing you for tomorrow. In order to do that we extract the essence of what we know
and teach it to our students in an integrated form systematically and logically.

In the case of science, for instance, its essence is not chemistry, physics or biology but the150 or so simple concepts and skills that scientists routinely use to do science.

We start you by teaching you these 150 concepts and skills and we do it in a lab setting in a truly hands-on fashion using all the tools and instruments scientists use to do science.

After you get exposed to the various concepts and skills and the respective instruments, we want you learn these on your own at your own pace because we do not believe in rushing you. This is especially important if you are holding a job because we do not want you to give up your job to come for learning but use your job as a resource to live your life while pursuing your educational goal.

One more thing: While at the Science Skills Center we focus on Science, we also want you to learn other areas of human knowledge such as the humanities, literature, philosophy, economics,Psychology and more. If you do that you will find yourself becoming more knowledgeable, versatile and analytical, a sure sign of intellectual growth. You will also find that the knowledge of science will be helping you clarify many other ideas and concepts useful for living a well balanced life. THIS IS BEAUSE SCEIENCE IS THE GLUE WHICH CONNECTS ALL KNOWELDGE MAKING IT MEANINGFUL

While you can learn much of this non-science material on your own, we also provide you facilities to learn these via our sister educational center, the Center for General and Applied Education. The two Centers, The Science Skills Center and the Center for General and Applied Education work in tandem making you learn a whole lot more in a short time than would be otherwise possible.

This way of integrative learning is also what our minds want as they are hard wired by nature to deal with summaries and overviews better than bits and pieces of information.

We use all of the above facets of teaching and learning into our educational Programs. In short, we make learning easy by making it logical.