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Analytical volunteers needed


I am looking for a few analytical people who would be interested to go beyond the rhetoric and the statistics to reveal:

What the truth is about economy, jobs, education and actual level of unemployment and in what categories;

The nature and job readiness of those currently seeking employment whether college graduates or not;

Professional training of teachers and the role of universities and colleges in this process and the effectiveness of that process;

The certification and re-certification process of teachers;

The accreditation process and how rigidly or loosely it is controlled and by whom and how human nature to “comply” with the requirements expedites the accreditation process without changing anything of substance;

How well the STEM program is implemented and by whom and how it is funded with what results OR it has become just the buzz word of today;

The status of returning war veterans and the help they are getting in terms of jobs or making them job and career ready.

We are inundated with claims of all the good that is being done by so many public, private and not for profit agencies in these and similar areas but the good is not seriously measured other than the claims of accomplishments made by the involved agencies. Even the funding agencies are often in the dark as they too get drowned in the colorful rhetoric.

As I write the above, the only thought comes to mind is the song from the musical Porgy and Bess: “it ain’t necessarily so”. So the purpose of this study will be how true is what we believe or are given to believe. May be then we will begin to live in the real world not in the illusionary or made up world sold to us.

We are having a forum on these and similar global issues on the 8th of June at 7.00 P.M at 729 S. Western Avenue, Chicago Illinois. It will be a brainstorming event with fun, food and fellowship. Do plan to come. Make sure to RSVP to telling us if you are coming. It will help with planning the quantity of food.


This event is hosted by the Center for Integrative Learning and the Science Skills center.