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Benefits of NALT




l. After learning the l50 concepts and skills, you are likely to become a better student, a more versatile person, a thinker, an idea person and a doer.
2. You will no longer feel lost in the technical and scientific society you live in. Instead, you will be able to understand it and even contribute to its growth.
3. Colleges and universities will no longer overwhelm you. you, in fact, will go there for a purpose, taking courses which aid your goals and not just earn you "empty" credit hours so you could graduate. In short, you will not be taking courses just to "find yourself". You will be goal oriented seeking wisdom through acquiring knowledge and becoming self reliant in the process. Low self esteem, if you now have it, could be a thing of the past.
4. Women, who after raising a family are either wishing to enter the work force or are taking courses to catch up with the world which seems to have left them behind, can specially benefit from this approach of teaching and learning. Imagine becoming a versatile person and entering the mainstream after learning just l50 concepts and skills.
5. Young and old, especially retirees, who once had a hankering for science but who ran away from it because the books and the fragmented curriculum scared them off, can now get back into it and find it rewarding for personal and professional growth.

l. Get more information, learn and understand the NALT system of teaching and learning. Also understand the special curriculum for science consisting of l50 concepts and skills. Have someone from the center speak at your next neighborhood, church, community, parent or youth group meeting. Attend workshops conducted by the center.
2. Enroll in the next appropriate class at the center by completing and mailing the enrollment application.

Looking at the bigger national and global socio-economic picture, this approach:
l. Can bring more women and minorities into science and science based careers;
2. Can bridge the gap between science, the arts and the business world by enabling more arts, humanities and business majors to understand science;
3. Can expedite development of scientific infrastructure in developing countries speeding up their entry into the modern technological world and simultaneously creating an hitherto unprecedented demand for goods and services;
4. Can bring political and economic stability by generating trust among nations. People who know how the world works and also know its limitations are more likely to trust each other. They also become discriminating customers, buying or producing what they need for their growth and development as opposed to buying what they are told they must have to improve their standards. In the latter case, which unfortunately is also the currently prevailing practice, it does not take them long to realize that while their money and resources are leaving them, their standards are not improving. This brings local political and economic instability because the masses then blame their government for making wrong decisions or "selling out" their interests. Local political and economic unrest then brings global unrest;
5. Can bring the idea of sustainable growth from mere rhetoric to reality. Knowing the limits of what technology can or cannot do and also knowing the limits of growth, the kinds of goods and services in demand will change, requiring planners, designers and manufacturers to adjust accordingly. A truly market driven, knowledge based economy is thus likely to emerge which will be sustainable, perhaps perpetually, for generations to come.
These are the obvious areas where society can benefit. Others will surface as these and similar programs are implemented.

Participate in workshops conducted by the center aimed at discussing, formulating and implementing programs for local and global growth and eventually help implement such programs in your community by setting up local interactive self-help working groups.