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During the course of teaching science via the NALT ™ process using 150 concepts and skills
as the curriculum, Dr. Haque repeatedly noted positive psychological and personality
changes in students. Dr. Haque thus felt that during teaching, he was indirectly also
providing some form of therapy to the students. He called this process Technotherapy™
and is currently studying its implications and applications.

. Dr. Haque feels that as a child is born, his first task is survival, which depends on
understanding and becoming part of the world he is born in. As he grows, his horizons expand
to include the world at large and eventually the universe. The quickest way to accomplish
this is to plug into the prevailing collective human mind but for that it is the distilled
essence and not the raw ferment of the collective human mind that he is seeking. Failing to do
so coherently, he feels dejected which feeling worsens when schools also fail him leading first
to alienation and then to dysfunction in the form of pathological assertiveness
and violence, effective disorders, escapism into drugs, or withdrawal and depression.

. While these situations are the two extremes of the pendulum, there are a host of stages in
between, most of which describe what we call the normal. Normal thus is never the true
normal for that is rare if at all feasible to experience or encounter. The mass of humanity
thus lives in a state which Dr. Haque calls pseudo or semi-normal and since this level of
normalcy is the accepted norm, noticeable pathology does not manifest, yet the individual
is cognizant of the gaps in his understanding of the world which he is a part. So while
pathology does not manifest, he does feel the pathological ferment within, preventing
his full actualization.

. This silent struggle for actualization thus continues to be an integral part of every human's
evolutionary journey. Dr. Haque feels that the stage at which assistance with this actualization
in the form of therapy or repair has to be instituted is the stage where the
individual human mind, during its formative stage, is struggling to plug into the collective
human mind. This is the task which education is to perform.

. It thus becomes the task of the teachers to distill the essence of the collective human mind and
collective knowingness and pass it on to the developing individual mind. Much like a
chef presenting not the raw ingredients of a meal but a palatable, visual and sensory
collage enticing and inviting all the senses while simultaneously honing the digestive
processes for the eventual assimilation of the resulting nutrients.

. The 150 concepts and skills for teaching science via the NALT™ process seem to do just that
for the mind. Like a palatable meal, this process is equally enjoyable and it brings
growth, fulfillment and a sense of well being. That is where this process is therapeutic.

. But the benefits don't end there. Not only have we the potential of having healthy growing minds
venturing towards normalcy, we also have the potential of adding to the growth of the
collective human mind. The irony here is that while the individual mind needs to plug into
the collective human mind to grow, it is the individual mind which eventually adds to the
growth of the collective human mind. Without this interconnecting process, the overall
human evolution and growth first slows down, then comes to a halt and eventually
becomes chaotic. The latter seems to be what is, unfortunately, happening in our times.

. But the human mind is resilient and the process is reversible. It is thus never too late to begin
and reverse the process towards actual growth and evolution.

. Towards this end thus the center offers workshops and day, evening, weekend and summer
classes to individuals of all ages. The center also offers workshops to teachers, instructors,
administrators and decision makers. These courses and the workshops are described
in the following pages. Included also are the ways you and the society can benefit
from these programs.

. For additional information about the center and its ongoing programs, write or call:.

Center for Integrative Learning
729 S. Western Avenue,
Chicago, Illinois USA 60612
Telephone: (312) 243-7716