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In the midst of prevailing thinking, new ideas don't stand a chance for two reasons.

One, the mind set of the public including that of the decision makers is infused with the existing and the prevailing ideas which make sense within the current parameters and thus are rarely questioned;

and two, just like in biology, a niche occupied by an organism is rarely vacated without a fight, same happens when the existing ideas which have entrenched themselves within our psyche are challenged.

We resist them or merely brush them aside often stating if these were any good, why did not someone implemented them already?

If we continue doing that without even giving a look to the new ideas, our hopes of making a better world would remain just hopes never to materialize.

With this preamble let me invite you to seriously and analytically look at the concept of the Science Skills Center and determine for yourself how it can improve the quality of our graduates and how it can improve their chances of finding a job or entering into a career.

I can assure you the kind of education reform proposed here is an antidote to many of our country's ills such as unemployable graduates and the downed economy. So, please donate generously.

The Science Skills Center is a subsidiary of the International Foundation of Microbiology, a tax exempt section 501(c)(3) organization. Your contributions will thus be tax exempt to the extent permitted by the applicable IRS code.