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You are a born scientist


You may not know this but you, like everyone else, are a born scientist for if you were not, you would not have figured out anything that surrounds and affects you and you would not have adapted to them. Consequently, you would not have grown mentally and physically and perhaps have died at an early age.

But that did not happen to you because:

you understood and adapted to your surroundings, got to know and trust the people that took care of you;

you learned the language of your parents by listening and reasoning;

You learned to walk and feed yourself by watching others and by accepting their help as needed;

You also became a part of the household you were born into by observing what went on there and how it felt safe by adapting to its routine;

you also eventually decided to breakaway from it and go on your own because you figured that you know a better way of living than what you had at home plus also because you wanted to develop your own individual personality and destiny

. You could not have done any of the above if you did not have the power of observation and reasoning and since science is nothing but reasoning, whether you accept it or not, you are a scientist and a born one at that.