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About Us

We are the Science Skills Center where we teach all of science in a hands-on fashion in one place.

We believe that science, like any other skill, can only be learned by doing and not by merely reading about it or by surfing the internet.

It is the skills that open your thinking and analyzing channels without which you can only go the rote memory route without knowing anything of substance.

Also a person without science skills can do no real science.

He or she may be able to talk about other people's work or repeat something they heard on the air or in a conversation at a party, but that does not make them a scientist and they know it.

Then why do they do it? May be to feel that they are not completely out of it!

This at least gets them accepted within their circle of friends and acquaintances. Deep inside though they feel they wish they truly knew what they were talking about.

Learning sciene at the Sceince Skills Center can change all that for them. They can then talk with assurance which comes only with in-depth, not cursory knowledge.