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Bringing hands-on science vs book science.

How we let science education slide while promoting Technology!

Popular areas are music and sports and to some extent art but science is the underdog!


The following write up is a bit lengthy but for the sake of salvaging science, please take
time to read it in its entirety so you understand how we let the problem of science
education, especially hands-on science education get to the present stage!

I am trying to see that the science labs of our schools have proper instruments to teach
real hand-on science and not just rely on science kits sold by businesses to schools.
These kits make science incoherent difficult to make sense of.

See my inexpensive solution of refurbishing used and wasted instruments and give them
to schools.

Also see the You tube video to know the extent of waste and how salvaging it can help
science education.

Consider helping by donating to this cause.

One last question: How well equipped was the science lab of your school? Did that help
you understand science? Would appreciate knowing your answers!

For instance did your school have microscopes equipped with oil immersion lens, also pH
meter, centrifuge and a spectrophotometer?

Please share this information with me. Thanks. It will help us know to what extent the
schools need to be equipped and how we an help the schools get the needed

Just a reminder: When technology came most everyone including the parents pushed to
see that the schools were equipped with computers etc., and that is where the effort
stopped. Science instruments are also part of the technology but that need was not
addressed which is letting science suffer. Additionally, computers opened the way
to e-learning thus enabling schools, without much justification, to eliminate hands-on
science because that action saved teachers and faculty time and the
administrators’ money!

What that did to the science and the struggling student is not in anyone's mind and this
needs to be fixed, hence my project see: